pixma backend: -x/y auto advertised but not available / how to crop?
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Manuel Reiter
2017-04-11 14:44:19 UTC
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I'm using saned with a Pixma MP610 all-in-one on a Raspberry Pi 3
running an up-to-date Rasbian Jessie. scanimage --help shows me the
following options for Geometry:

Options specific to device `net:localhost:pixma:04A91725_414EE7':
-l auto|0..216.069mm [0]
Top-left x position of scan area.
-t auto|0..297.011mm [0]
Top-left y position of scan area.
-x auto|0..216.069mm [216.069]
Width of scan-area.
-y auto|0..297.011mm [297.011]
Height of scan-area.

However, trying to actually use "-x auto" results in an error:

***@hive:~ $ scanimage -d net:localhost:pixma --mode Color \
--resolution 300 -l auto -t auto -x auto -y auto > /dev/null
scanimage: option --x: bad option value (rest of option: auto)

Is this a bug or an error on my part?

I intend to use this scanner for a document management system and expect
to scan quite a number of non-full-size documents. If x/y auto is indeed
not available, what would be a good way to automatically crop my scans?
The included (Mac) Software actually does a decent job so it seems to be

Thanks in advance for your answers!


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