[DNG] sane-utils depends on libsystemd0
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Olaf Meeuwissen
2017-05-10 10:08:09 UTC
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Just chiming in wearing my SANE project janitor hat.

For the folks on sane-devel, Devuan is a Debian fork that is intent on
getting completely rid of anything that smacks of systemd.
So... does sane need saned? Do the scanners have to initiate communication
with the computer for which there always has to be a daemon running?
That's not what sane does. Sane doesn't need saned to scan; I use devuan
and a scanner without even having saned installed.
Saned is what you need if you want to connect a USB scanner to host A and
then run scanning software on host B. It makes A pretend to be a network
scanner that B can use, rather like how my scanner (a Brother MFC-8880)
offers its services to everyone on the net.
That's the original use case scenario for which saned was developed but
scanbd[1] now uses saned under the covers to enable device button push
initiated actions.

[1] https://sourceforge.net/projects/scanbd/

That said, saned does not require the systemd stuff. IIUC, the optional
dependency only makes saned play nice in systemd setups.

For Devuan there no need to play nice with something that isn't there,
so passing --without-systemd to ./configure is perfectly fine and will
skip any systemd checks. Not specifying the option will check for
systemd but should disable the systemd support when not found.

Hope this helps,
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