Scanbd, Sane and Samsung SCX-3200
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Wilhelm Meier
2017-05-26 12:39:53 UTC
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Hi Janne,
I am developing support for scan button for my Samsung SCX-3200 series.
Funnily, I have had not time before these few days to actually try to
set everything to work for testing.
Now, when I installed scanbd for my test Ubuntu from Ubuntu
repositories, I realized that it uses extensively Sane backends. So, my
question is: Should I actually try to write a backend extension for the
Sane backend I am using (xerox_mfp)? Is it the way of the future that
Scanbd actually polls/queries devices via Sane?
I wrote scanbd in order to use the sane-backend, because at the time of
starting with scanbd, scanbuttond seems quite dead. I incorporated
scanbuttond-backends "as-is" to support scanners that didn't had
querying support in sane-backends.

So - in short - up to my view it would be best to make the snae-backend
for your scanner working ...

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