gscan2pdf v1.8.1 released
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2017-05-27 19:18:44 UTC
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gscan2pdf - A GUI to produce a multipage PDF or DjVu from a scan.


Five clicks are required to scan several pages and then save all or
a selection as a PDF or DjVu file, including metadata if required.

gscan2pdf can control regular or sheet-fed (ADF) scanners with SANE via
libsane-perl, scanimage or scanadf, and can scan multiple pages at
once. It presents a thumbnail view of scanned pages, and permits simple
operations such as cropping, rotating and deleting pages.

OCR can be used to recognise text in the scans, and the output
embedded in the PDF or DjVu.

PDF conversion is done by PDF::API2.

The resulting document may be saved as a PDF, DjVu, multipage TIFF file,
or single page image file.

Changelog for 1.8.1:
* Consistently ghost OCR and unpaper tools if the appropriate
executables are not available. Closes bug #151 (Unpaper detection is
not handled correctly).
* Fixed display of tesseract error messages, broken by commit
"Gscan2pdf::Tesseract: support output to stdout instead of temporary
* Make RTL test work for other versions of ImageMagick.
Closes bug #246 (t/​357_unpaper_rtl.t test fails).
* Improve support for button-type scan options.
* + icons/gscan2pdf-papyrus.svg for use with Papyrus-like themes.
Thanks to Chris JC Jones for donating the icon.
* + ppm & pbm extensions to open file chooser.
Closes bug #252 (Support for pbm nd ppm bitmap formats)
* Fixed multipage scanning for Samsung CLX-4190.
* Change metadata filename codes to use strftime
* Many improvements to the display of OCR output.
Thanks to Peter Marschall for the patches.
Closes Debian bug #858767 (fixes & improvements to gscan2pdf)
* Update to Hungarian translation (thanks to csola)
* Update to Traditional Chinese translation (thanks to Po-Hsu Lin)
* Update to Slovak translation (thanks to Dušan Kazik)