FW: Canon MX530 Series - Error during device I/O
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Stephen Weston
2017-08-15 12:05:14 UTC
Dear all,

I would appreciate any support in trying to get my Canon MX535 scanner working in Ubuntu. According to the list of supported devices it is fully supported. I have had the scanner working in the past (over a year ago), but having tried using it again recently I have not managed to successfully scan any documents. This is the case when using my ubuntu installed laptop (16.04 LTS) as well as a fresh install of ubuntu (17.04) in virtualbox on a windows machine, which is where I do my testing. In both cases I have installed the latest version of sane from the "rolfbensch/sane-git" repository. I am using the scanner over wi-fi. The scanner gets detected ok, but will not scan reliably.

Every time I try I seem to get mixed results. Mostly I get the 'Error during device I/O' message straight away, but sometime in xsane I haved managed to get as far as the preview, selecting the area to scan, then it fails after clicking scan.
I do not know how to generate error log reports to attach to this email, but I have tested the scanner using scanimage as per below: -
***@stephen-VirtualBox:~$ scanimage --version
scanimage (sane-backends) 1.0.27git; backend version 1.0.27

***@stephen-VirtualBox:~$ scanimage -L
device `pixma:MX530_192.168.1.68' is a CANON Canon PIXMA MX530 Series multi-function peripheral
***@stephen-VirtualBox:~$ scanimage -T
scanimage: scanning image of size 638x877 pixels at 24 bits/pixel
scanimage: acquiring RGB frame, 8 bits/sample
scanimage: reading one scanline, 1914 bytes...    FAIL Error: Error during device I/O
***@stephen-VirtualBox:~$ scanimage --device "pixma:MX530_192.168.1.68" --format=tiff > test.tiff
scanimage: sane_read: Error during device I/O

Any support would be greatly appreciated and I am willing to do any testing required to get this working.
Kind regards,