gscan2pdf v1.8.8 released
(too old to reply)
2017-10-30 12:53:29 UTC
gscan2pdf - A GUI to produce a multipage PDF or DjVu from a scan.


Five clicks are required to scan several pages and then save all or
a selection as a PDF or DjVu file, including metadata if required.

gscan2pdf can control regular or sheet-fed (ADF) scanners with SANE via
libimage-sane-perl, scanimage or scanadf, and can scan multiple pages at
once. It presents a thumbnail view of scanned pages, and permits simple
operations such as cropping, rotating and deleting pages.

OCR can be used to recognise text in the scans, and the output
embedded in the PDF or DjVu.

PDF conversion is done by PDF::API2.

The resulting document may be saved as a PDF, DjVu, multipage TIFF file,
or single page image file.

Changelog for 1.8.8:
* Filter out 1 and 2 digit integers from tool warnings.
Show original message, not filtered message.
Closes bug #281 (Error processing with Tesserarct: Detected 99
* Add option to profile only after successfully applying it
* Fix default value for unpaper script direction.
* Fix race condition updating widgets before they can be created after
cycling device handle.
* Fix 16-bit PNM parsing
* Fix Perl warning about redundant argument in sprintf
* Update to Hungarian translation (thanks to csola)