Help debugging avision backend
(too old to reply)
James Klaas
2017-10-07 16:44:55 UTC
I am running Debian 8 (Jessie) and when I attempt to use "ADF Duplex" on my
HP8250 I get a segmentation fault.

I was running sane-utils 1.0.24-8+deb8u1 and had read on the list of the
many improvements in 1.0.25, so I got the source package for Debian Stretch
which is 1.0.25-2 and built and installed the debs. I've since built and am
running 1.0.27.

I've captured an strace as follows:

strace scanimage --source "ADF Duplex" -b > strace.out 2>&1

I also have some debugging output from when I was testing it in 1.0.25 from
the backend.

It creates an out1.pnm and an "avision-rear-9Izcwz" file that appears to
have image data in it, but isn't an image file.

I've created a bug report in the sane project on alioth, but it hasn't seen
any traffic since I created it over a year ago.

This seems like it could be a simple fix (off by one error sort of thing),
but I don't have any idea how to debug it. I would be happy to do some of
the work needed to debug it but I would need some help.

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