scanimage -L "not yet in whitelist"
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Dave Platt
2017-12-19 18:36:33 UTC
Hi everyone,
Under Pi 3B's raspbian system, I use "scanimage -L" to find the Avision scanner,? but it popup a warning message,? "AVISION" not yet in whitelist.? Is there anyone meet the similiar problem, or how can I modify? the source code to support it?
That message may be coming from the avision.c back-end code. The
avision back-end has a large table of Avision-based scanners that are
known to work with the code - each identifies the scanner in one way
or another (via SCSI or USB identity) and gives a set of behavioral
flags which affect the backend behavior.

It's possible that your particular Avision scanner has never been
added to that list... which would likely mean that no one has ever
actually tested it with SANE. Since you don't say what your
particular Avision scanner actually is, I can't tell for sure.

You could go into backends/avision.c, look at the table, look at the
output of an "lsusb" command, and then add an entry for your scanner
to that file and recompile the back-end and see if it works. You may
need to study the flags used with similar scanner models, and so some
experimentation, and will probably need to run scanimage with SANE
debugging enabled so you can see the actual interactions with the
scanner and figure out what's wrong, when things go wrong.

Avision has released a lot of different scanner-control ASIC chips
and firmware versions, and their behaviors differ enough that getting
a new Avision-based scanner to work correctly isn't the easiest
job in the world.
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